Friday, April 25, 2008

My life put on the back burner

Ugh! I am not sure where to start. Mark was home last week for a visit which was wonderful. Tyler however was sick the beginning of his trip and in the end it was Jordan who was sick. Though Jordan had received the heavy end of the load with this bug. He ran a high fever for 5 days and at one point it reached as high as 105.4. He had also suffered 2 seizures. One was very mild but the other was a 5 min Tonic-clonic grand mal, seizure. So needless to say we went ahead and ordered an EEG to be done. Mark left Sunday and since then I have been worn. I have been trying to get the boys and I back on our schedule, taking care of Jordan having to keep him up late Tuesday night and wake him early Wed for his EEG, then taking care of the house, running the boys to therapy, Tyler to school AHHHHHH!!!!!!! Where is my time to study for school. Well finally when things start to calm down I am awoken at 1:30am to the sound of Tyler gagging. Ok I get up and he asks for his bowl I got that for him and he spit up. I think no big deal he doesn't have a fever this is going to be a one time thing. Well then I hear Jordan screaming, Tyler woke him up. I then was able to get both boys settled and I am now half way asleep and it starts all over again. Tyler is gagging Jordan hears him and starts crying Im up trying to take care of Tyler and put Jordan back down. Needless to say this went on for about another 30 minutes until I had enough. Tyler and I went out on the couch and waited. But every 10 minutes he was throwing up, it was only a little bit so I still was not convinced this was a stomach bug. We then went in his bed after about 45 minutes. Then another 20 minutes and and about 7 gagging episodes later the boys are both nice and snug in their beds and I in mine. Well we woke this morning and Tyler still is not feeling well, Jordan is acting up, you know those wonderful days of the terrible twos, and I am still trying to find the time to study.

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Meghan said...

Oh Colleen... I'm sorry to hear how rough things have been. I hope the boys are both feeling better, and you have a peaceful and wonderful Mother's Day... like you deserve!