Sunday, September 9, 2007

School Days

We had a busy week. Tyler started school on Thursday. Tuesday we had open house and both Jordan and him seemed to have enjoyed themselves. Thursday was hard to see him go, but when all was said and done he seemed to have had fun. They learned that God created the world. He came home with a chalk drawing on a black piece of construction paper with a label that says "God made Tyler". For the first time ever I looked at one of his drawings and thought..."I wonder what he was drawing". I cant believe he is old enough to be in school. Next year I will be sending both my babies off to school. Where did the time go?

Tyler wanting to get out and go...

Tyler is ready to go off to school...

Tyler saying "Chool" and Jordan playing Shy

Happy he is almost there, Time for my Baby to leave me...

Sunday, September 2, 2007


What is back you may be asking... My panic attacks. I'm not sure why though. Last night I was cooking dinner and I started to have trouble breathing and felt as though something was pushing on my chest and a shock of electricity was shooting through my body. That episode only last a short while but after the boys went to bed I had another one, I woke twice in the night and this morning was woken by a BIG one. I couldn't breathe I was shaking, and crying I had hot and cold flashes. It lasted for 5 mins and then it was gone. I have no idea what has started these up again. I have been doing such a great job keeping them under control. The only thing that is changing is my baby is going off to school on Thursday. Thats right Tyler starts school. The only stress in my life right now is that I have my trip to Cleavland to see my Dr in two weeks. I guess that could be it.
Here is a little back round on that for those that don't know. My Chrones has been flaring up and I had a colonoscopy here. The Dr felt I needed surgery. I started back on Remicade and waited it out. I have been feeling great since starting the Remicade so I decided to call my Dr in Atlanta to see if he suggests going through with the surgery or coming there to see him. To my surprise he said go see my Dr in Cleavland for the second opinion. So I have it scheduled. The weekend of 14-17th Im taking the boys with my mom and going to see her family in PA. While Im there we are going to take a trip to the drs and see what he suggests. If surgery is needed my stay will be extended my sister will fly out along with Mark if he is needed to watch the boys. Im really thinking its not going to be needed though. Like I said I have felt great.
But if I cant get rid of these panic attacks it could quiet possibly cause a flare up.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

WOW Where have I been?

So much has been going on. I have been in slumps here and there. Tyler has been going through alot with his epilepsy. He had an EEG that came out normal so really that didn't tell us much. It just meant that during that 30 mins he didn't have any activity. He is now needing and MRI. During the MRI they will have to use a sedative so that they can get him to be still. Fingers crossed though that it shows something. I have read and heard that if his epilepsy is genetic (which we are pretty sure its not) it wont show anything. Jordan has grown so much. He is now saying 6 words...DaDa, hey, bye, yeah, uh-oh, uh-uh. He is following in his brother's footsteps and climbing like crazy. Today he climbed into his crib and not 2 mins later he was behind me on the floor. Thats right he climbed out of his crib. And it wasn't a fluke b/c he was misbehaving so I brought him to his room and put him in his crib and shut the door. Well not 30 seconds later I hear him trying to open his door. Oh yeah and he is now able to open doors too. Where did my baby's go?