Thursday, May 3, 2007

London Bridge is Falling Down

OK so its not the London Bridge but the McTeer Bridge. Where I live there are 2 ways off the Island. The Downtown bridge (Woods Bridge) or the McTeer Bridge. Well thank yous go to a captain of a barge for hitting it. That is the bridge I most use to go to the doctors the hospital, Walmart, playgroups, just about everywhere and so many others use that bridge too. Now the only way off is going on the Woods Bridge and all the way around. The past couple days the city has done a very well job of finding the best solution for this. On weekday mornings from 5:30-7:00 am they have made the Woods Bridge open 2 lane one way traffic. So that has made the drive less of a hassle for those going to work. Yesterday however you could not get onto Lady's Island (where I am) during those times. Today however they opened the McTeer Bridge for one lane one way traffic going onto Lady's Island during the hours or 6am-11am and 1pm-7pm. The traffic is only for passenger cars and pickup trucks that do not have trailers attached. They go over the part of the bridge that has the least amount of damage to the support beams. Yes that's right beams. 5 support beams are damaged.
But UMM I already have bridge anxiety do you think I'm going to drive over a bridge that has damaged support beams? Even when the bridges are fine I go over plotting and planning my escape route in my head in case the bridge collapses. Yes I already roll the back window down and put my arm rest up the center tray down (so I can get to the boys fast) and have my hand on my seat belt to click it. I have it perfectly planned I have done all but actually planned a drill for it. I'm going to invent a floatation device for cars. That all you have to do is push a button and your car will shoot out a flotation so that it can float in the water in situations like this.
But now back to traffic. I spent 2 hours in traffic the other day in a drive that should only have taken me 10 mins. This morning I spent 30 mins just getting down the road to get into traffic to cross the bridge. I also feel so bad for the police officers there job just looks so boring. They have most of the policemen standing on the roads directing traffic. I was thinking of baking cupcakes and driving along to give to them. (I know I'm silly) But I do appreciate all that they are doing to keep the traffic moving as much as possible. Its so hot out side and they have to be in the heat all day.
The moral of this is that you don't really appreciate something until its gone. The day they actually get the McTeer bridge fixed I'm sure the whole city will have a celebration for it.