Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My growing little boy

Jordan had his two year check up today. HE is a HUGE boy. Here are his stats...
Weight- 34 1/2 lbs 97%
Height- 38in at greater then 97%
Head-20 1/2 at greater then 97%
He received shots today those include Flu, Chicken Pox, and Hep A the doctor and I also discussed the possibility that Jordan is also having seizures, (he has staring spells that I cant figure out if they are indeed seizers or if he is just daydreaming). Being that Tyler has epilepsy and speech delay (Jordan has delay in speech as well) it could be likely that it is a genetic link. Studies are showing there is a genetic link in some of the characteristics of Autism (not that either of the boys have Autism) but their delays could be due to a genetic link. So he had given me a choice to schedule an EEG or wait it out and see then I can call him and he will schedule one if I feel it might be best. So we are doing that. We also discussed that possibility that he had a deviated septum but his dr thinks it is more likely just large adenoids. Jordan's ears were red so he is now on antibiotics, and also Claritin for allergies, He also has Psoriasis on his legs that his ointment has not been helping so he was perscribed a stronger steroid ointment. Other then that everything is well.

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Corey~living and loving said...

wow girl. Jordan is soooooooooo big. He is bigger than Sugar. wow...I wouldn't guess if from the pics.